Cruelty-Free Inspired By Nature Products | Olive & Mason
Cruelty-Free Inspired By Nature Products | Olive & Mason

My Story

Growing up on the coast, an avid lover of the ocean, and a believer in natural ingredients, I was inspired to create soap products made from natural and organic plant-based ingredients.  The ocean has always been known to have incredible therapeutic benefits, from the calming sound of waves to soothing the skin.  


Passionate about natural skincare and quality ingredients, I've also experienced fragrance allergies, rosacea and dry skin for many years.  Deciding to pursue creating natural soap formulas with a holistic approach, Olive & Mason bar soap is focused on the needs of people with sensitive skin.  


Following my passion and always having an entrepreneurial spirit, I created a brand that encourages  healthy skin and overall well-being for both people and the environment.