"Be like water."
[Lao Tzu]
My Story

Growing up on the coast, an avid lover of the ocean, and a believer in natural ingredients, I was inspired to create bar soap products made from natural and organic plant and sea-based ingredients.  The ocean has always been known to have incredible therapeutic benefits, from the calming sound of waves to soothing the skin.  


Skincare and bath products have always been something I was passionate about, the quality of the products, the packaging, I was always infatuated by all of it.  Not only have I had a passion for skincare products, I have also experienced sensitive skin for many years.  Purchasing many different bars of soap and body washes over the years, I found it tough to find natural soap products that made my skin feel hydrated and refreshed.  When I decided to pursue creating soap formulas with a holistic approach, I started to see the positive results that it had on my skin. Family and friends also had positive feedback and started to see significant results as my soap had become a part of their daily bathing routine.  


Following my passion and always having an entrepreneurial spirit, I created a natural bath product that I truly believe in, encouraging healthy skin and overall well-being.  

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